• Centre of Excellence in Biofilm Science and Infection Control

  • Effective Scientific and Technical Solutions

  • Internationally Recognised in Infection Prevention and Control

  • Take the Lead in Medical Device Innovation and Development

  • Get Support from Concept to Commercialisation

  • High Quality Scientific Testing Service

  • Pre-clinical Strategy, Evaluation and Technology Due Diligence

Welcome to the 5D Health Protection Group

The 5D Health Protection Group Ltd is a world class leading independent contract research organisation (CRO) and a centre of excellence in microbiology and biofilm testing certified to ISO 13485:2016 and ISO 9001:2015.

As a Centre of Excellence in Biofilm Science (CEBS) we offer research & development, consulting and world-class services and solutions in the areas of microbiology, biofilms, antimicrobials, biomaterials, tissue regeneration and infection control.

Understanding the risk of microbial contamination and biofilm formation is half the battle. Having a partner with over 25 years experience, who knows how to mitigate that risk, puts you in a winning position. We bridge the gap between the theoretical and the practical, and are committed to providing solutions in the area of infection prevention and control. We work with industry, academia, public health bodies and healthcare professionals, by protecting people, products and ideas from the detrimental effects of biofilms and microorganisms.

5D's proficiencies exist across different industry sectors including:

  • Medical devices
  • Healthcare
  • Dentistry
  • Veterinary medicine
  • Water and engineering
  • Gas and oil
  • Food and drink
  • Pharmaceuticals

Our multi-pronged approach

We are attacking infection control on all fronts, offering management support, problem solving, procurement and regulatory assistance, as well as providing outstanding laboratory facilities and tailored training. 

We offer:

  • Scientific and technical consultancy
  • Scientific testing
  • Product evaluation and development
  • Education
  • Business consultancy
  • Research and development


The 5D difference

Microbiology and Scientific support

When you are at the limits of your expertise, if your staff are overstretched, or when you need independent evaluation, we can support your operation. Our team can step in, provide help for certain functions, manage, advise or even collaborate on your projects. We know how to use science to boost a brand. We will do what you need with competence and complete professionalism. 

We make sure sound science supports and backs everything that you do.

Biofilm testing

The real-life environment of many microorganisms is fundamentally different to the laboratory conditions which are commonly used to test antimicrobial agents. As a result, product efficacy is reduced and risks of infection, deterioration and damage increased. When evaluating a new product, we can help you to choose the appropriate biofilm test models to suit the microbes – e.g. aerobes, anaerobes, fungi or yeasts – or develop bespoke solutions to suit your emerging technology. 

Getting the scientific testing and evaluation right leads to getting the product right.

Due diligence

Our critical eye, experience and impartiality can protect any organisation. Our due-diligence team is essential for any medical or life-science providers undergoing mergers, in the acquisition process, looking for investment to support expansion, or in the process of licencing new products or technologies. 

It’s not just health we’re protecting – it’s livelihoods and reputations too.


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