5D Joins Global Expert Biofilms Panel at European Wounds Meeting, Amsterdam


An expert panel publication following : ‘Surfactants and their role in wound cleansing and biofilm management’. Percival SL, Mayer D, Malone M, Swanson T, Schultz G. (2017) Journal of Woundcare 26:1-10. #Wounds_UK#woundcare @IPS_Infection#biofilm#wounds #WoundsUK2017


New 5D Publication on Cell Salvage and Wounds 2018 13 SEP

New 5D Publication Cell salvage in acute and chronic wounds: a potential treatment str..

MIA Winner - 5D on Youtube 2018 18 AUG

Biofilm and microbiology firm wins MIA https://youtu.be/G81VSmz2h4w (https..

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