5D to present eleven biofilm posters at SAWC, San Diego, 2017


5D will be presenting the following biofilm posters at the Symposium on Advanced Woundcare (SAWC), San Diego, 2017:


1. Tetrasodium EDTA as an Adjunct Therapy to Existing Antimicrobial Wound Dressings to Enhance Anti-biofilm ability

2. Effectiveness of a Next Generation Anti-biofilm Wound dressing on in vitro Biofilms

3. Effectiveness of a Next Generation Anti-biofilm Complex in the Treatment of Biofilms and Inflammation

4. Efficacy of an Innovative Electrolysed Water Irrigating Solution against Biofilms

5. Surfactant-based Wound Dressings in the Prevention of Biofilm Formation and Control of Established Biofilms

6. Efficacy of a Haemoglobin Spray on Biofilms

7. Development of Biofilms on a 3-dimensional Wound Model to Evaluate Antimicrobials and Wound Dressings

8. Efficacy of a Surfactant-based Wound Dressing to Cause Dispersion in Established Biofilms

9. Slough a Support Matrix For Biofilms

10. The Sequestration and Immobilisation of Microorganisms in a Surfactant-Based Wound Dressing

11. The Use of a Surfactant-Based Wound Dressing to Prevent and Control Biofilm Formation in a 3- Dimensional Skin    Model


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Following a successful 2 day audit BSi approves continuation of 5Ds ISO 9001 and ISO 13485..

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