Biofilm Testing

Biofilm Testing

Centre Of Excellence in Biofilm Science (CEBS)


With over 25 years of experience the 5D Health Protection Group Ltd is a leading independent contract research and microbiology testing organisation certified to ISO 13485:2016. 5D is a world leading expert organisation in the science, testing and management of biofilms. We also specialise in the designing, development and interpretation of biofilm models and data. 

Biofilms are associated with over 65% of hospital acquired infections and 80% of all known human diseases. However, it is only relatively recently that we have established that microorganisms are phenotypically different from their free floating (planktonic) counterparts.

Within the attached state, microorganisms are known to have an increased tolerance to biocides, antiseptics and antibiotics. The industrial standard for evaluating the efficacy of antimicrobials has concentrated specifically on microorganisms growing within the planktonic state. However, investigating antimicrobial performance on just planktonic microorganisms will not provide an overall understanding of an antimicrobials performance in ‘real life’ situations.

The 5D Health Protection Group Ltd is here to help you understand the different biofilm models available and which one is most suitable for your product evaluation. In addition we are able to design and develop bespoke customer specific models most suitable for your technology.

Examples of biofilm models which we have employed for numerous clients are shown below:

  • High throughput biofilm models based on the microtitre plate assay
  • Minimum biofilm eradication concentration assays (MBEC - ASTM method E2799)
  • Drip flow slide biofilm reactor (ASTM method E2647)
  • Constant depth film fermentor (CDFF) model
  • Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Biofilm Reactor (ASTM method E2562)
  • Flow cells
  • Bioreactors
  • Poloxamer devices
  • Static and continuous flowing systems
  • Wound biofilm models
  • Biofilm inhibition assays
  • Nail models
  • Bespoke biofilm models specific to the industrial applications

Variations in the different models can be adapted to the materials and medical devices and the microbes being evaluated e.g. anaerobes, amoeba, parasites, fungi, yeasts.

For further information please contact the 5D R&D department.


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