5D Joins Global Expert Biofilms Panel at European Wounds Meeting, Amsterdam


An expert panel publication following : ‘Surfactants and their role in wound cleansing and biofilm management’. Percival SL, Mayer D, Malone M, Swanson T, Schultz G. (2017) Journal of Woundcare 26:1-10. #Wounds_UK#woundcare @IPS_Infection#biofilm#wounds #WoundsUK2017


New 5D publication. International Wound Journal 2019 05 NOV

NEW 5D PUBLICATION Chen R, Salisbury A-M and Percival SL. (2019) A comparative study o..

5D CEO joins the International Wound Infection Institute Board 2019 18 OCT

The 5D CEO Prof Steven Percival has been invited to join the board of the International Wound In..

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