Business Consultancy

Business Consultancy

We are a leading organisation in the field of microbiology, with a focus on antimicrobial agents and biofilms. Our expertise reaches across traditional boundaries – we are as likely to be working with, and alongside, academics as we are to be collaborating with a business to develop a new product. You will find us supporting healthcare, veterinary medicine, the cosmetic industry, and the water and engineering sector. In short, it is the high quality of our work that sticks to rigid parameters, not the work we do or the people who use our services.

With over 25 years’ experience and a global reputation for excellence, we provide services that include scientific testing, research and development, education and consultancy. Our proficiency extends to areas as diverse as medical devices, dentistry, infection control, wound care and pharmaceuticals. Our connections and knowledge, along with a sound understanding of academia, commerce and investment strategies make us a superb partner to help drive your business growth.

All our consultancy services are, naturally, client specific and all projects we work upon are confidential in nature. Our level of involvement also varies, from the provision of initial advice, right through to complete project management. We take pride in our flexible approach. We are always happy to discuss your needs, in confidence and with absolutely no obligation.


It would be difficult to describe a typical client. They can be new business start-ups, long-established giants in pharmaceuticals, or medium-sized businesses considering a new venture. We have worked with industry, healthcare and regulatory bodies, both in the UK and overseas. Academics and research institutes regularly call upon on our expertise. No matter the size of your organisation, please feel free to get in touch.

Our Consultancy Services

5D has expertise, associates, facilities and determination. Complemented by our experience, world-class reputation, open minds and common-sense approach, we offer the perfect combination to support your business success. Our services can be classed as either business or scientific support, although there is a lot of crossover between the two. For example, we may be called upon to evaluate the potential of a new medical device, a process which could involve financial appraisals, market intelligence, regulatory matters, laboratory testing and clinical trials. Our involvement can help expedite the journey from concept to marketplace.

Every project is bespoke and we work closely with our clients to understand their exact needs and objectives. We can be very hands-on or work at arm’s length, but our approach is always focused on delivering results, and saving our clients time and money.

If you are trying to get a project o the ground, need advice, routine assistance, a sense or reality check, or just another pair of eyes, please contact us.

Technical and scientific consultancy

We are experts in the clinical and scientific evaluation of new and existing technologies and medical devices, with a focus on microbiology, biofilm and antimicrobial consulting. Example projects include the development and evaluation of:

  • The anti-biofilm properties of wound dressings
  • New USPs for existing medical devices
  • The antimicrobial performance of catheter locks
  • The anti-biofilm properties of antimicrobial surfaces
  • The efficacy of anti-biofouling and anticorrosion agents
  • Biofilm monitoring systems

Management support

5D’s support is Ideal for start-ups and smaller organisations who need extra help. If your resources are stretched or you lack the skills in a certain area, we can share our knowhow or lend a hand to keep you on track.

Regulatory assistance

We can also provide quality and regulatory auditing services. If you are using ISO 9001, ISO 17025 or ISO 13485 or are working towards these standards, we can help by appraising your systems, recommending changes, validating the results and preparing your organisation for the assessment.

Due diligence

Our expertise and impartiality can support mergers and acquisitions, justify financial investment or help in the licensing of technologies on behalf of our clients. Medical device and life science due diligence is critical, and we never underestimate its importance.

Scientific testing

Scientific testing is a major part of our business and is always tailored to meet customers’ specific needs and advance understanding. We can prove adherence to standards and help to push forward the development of significant new technologies.

As well as in-house laboratories, very close links with academia and with clinical providers allow us to utilise world-class facilities and equipment. Our unique position gives us access to a vast range of clinically specific microorganisms associated with an array of conditions. This ensures testing is always appropriate so that you can have confidence in the products you launch.

In addition to testing, we also offer support with:

  • 510K submissions
  • FDA approval
  • Dossier submission
  • Grant applications
  • CE marking

Innovation and R&D

If your time or resources are limited, why not outsource your project or ask for our help with one aspect of it? We can support brand-new concepts or find better ways to work with existing ones, and we always ensure sound commercial justification is in place for any activity or product we are helping to develop.

Education and training

Our Education Academy is a division of the 5D Health Protection Group. Built on our reputation of world-leading knowledge in microbiology, antimicrobials and biofilms, our courses offer a wealth of practical information and solutions relevant to industrial needs.

With an understanding of our audience – which can range from an existing R&D team to a multinational’s sales force – we work to ensure both excellent value and measurable outcomes. We help business leaders to identify training and education needs and implement strategies to improve the alignment of both internal and external stakeholders.

Courses offered vary from basic one-day courses to long-term training. All courses can be adapted to meet specific needs and even delivered at our clients’ locations to minimise disruption and facilitate attendance.

Clinical Services

5D offers a variety of clinical services including medical device evaluation, clinical trial management, medical and safety monitoring. We also offer specialised medical writing for publications and for presentation and submission to regulatory agencies. Some examples of specific consultations supplied to our clients have included:

Part-Time Management Support

5D can provide part time and interim management support for start-up, spin-off, small medium enterprises (SMEs) or big global multinational companies.

Examples of expertise that the 5D team can provide include:

  • General management
  • Business planning and support
  • Innovation management
  • R&D management
  • Business development
  • Finance management and reviews
  • Marketing

Solutions to Problems

5D provide cutting-edge science and technology solutions to companies of all sizes. We have a proven track record across a diverse spectrum of industries that include as examples healthcare, medical, life sciences, water and engineering.

We provide a comprehensive, integrated approach to problem solving. Our team is unique in their ability to evaluate technologies and provide expert advise on avoiding and mitigating problems early in the product innovation and development life cycle.

Sourcing of Products

5D offer a global sourcing service. Outsourcing helps businesses optimize profit and revenue. Our outsourcing capabilities are being utilized in the medical device, water and infection prevention sectors. The 5D approach is to listen fully to your needs and requirements so that your outsourcing requests can be fully addressed and delivered to ensure we exceed your expectations.

Due Diligence

5D have substantial expertise in conducting medical device and life science due diligence. This expertise is regularly employed to support mergers and acquisitions, financial investment and licensing technologies on behalf of our clients.

Regulatory and Quality

5D can also provide quality and regulatory auditing services to companies presently employing ISO9001 and ISO13485 or those who would like to introduce these systems into their business.

Technical and scientific consultancy

  • Clinical and scientific evaluation of new and existing technologies
  • Microbiology, biofilm and antimicrobial consulting
  • Medical device consulting and testing

We also offer companies a reality check service. This service is employed by businesses when they require external objectivity. This is a useful checkpoint for a company before it formally enters into a due diligence program. Furthermore, it often helps companies to focus key efforts on areas that represent greatest risk. This reality check is customised to client’s specific needs.

Our teams of experts have gained extensive skills and knowledge in Medical Device Innovation, Product Development, R&D, Quality and Regulations, Clinical Trials and Education. The teams capabilities and experiences have been developed from working in a range of companies including start-ups, SMEs, global multinationals, academic institutions, the National Health Service (NHS) and international public health bodies.


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