Research and Development

Research and Development

We are a leading organisation in the field of microbiology, with a focus on antimicrobial agents and biofilms. Our expertise reaches across traditional boundaries – we are as likely to be working with, and alongside, academics as we are to be collaborating with a business to develop a new product. You will find us supporting healthcare, veterinary medicine, the cosmetic industry, and the water and engineering sector. In short, it is the high quality of our work that sticks to rigid parameters, not the work we do or the people who use our services.

We have over 25 years’ experience and a global reputation for excellence. Our proficiency extends to areas as diverse as medical devices, dentistry, infection control, wound care and pharmaceuticals. Our connections and knowledge, along with a sound understanding of academia, commerce and investment strategies make us a superb partner to help drive your business growth.

With our world-class facilities and our extensive experience, we are the ideal supplier of R&D support and can undertake both simple and more complex projects. We can work in collaboration or independently. We can concentrate on a single aspect or provide complete inception-to-completion project management. 

Our Clients

5D has provided research and development services to a wide range of commercial businesses across several sectors, especially those producing medical devices, wound-care products and infection-control agents.

The benefits of outsourcing R&D

New ideas are the lifeblood of any business, but only when their potential is realised in the form of a finished product can they deliver a return. Moving from ideas, exploring the concept and then carrying out the essential research can be costly, time-consuming and often frustrating. 

Choosing a specialist partner to conduct some or all your R&D activities can be very beneficial. It can speed the process, save money, avoid unnecessary work and ensure adherence to regulations. Furthermore, the objective position of an experienced third party can be an invaluable aid to sound decision making and can help with spotting possible new applications of a technology. By outsourcing R&D to 5D you can:

  • Focus on your core business activity whilst knowing that future development work is ongoing
  • Maintain flexibility and avoid having to commit vast sums to fund your own R&D sta and facilities
  • Respond effectively to customer needs
  • Ensure an objective appraisal of the project
  • Enjoy the benefit of specific and expert knowledge
  • Bring products to market more rapidly
  • Rely on our support for licencing, approval and regulatory matters

Our technologies

We welcome the opportunity to co-develop technologies or to licence organisations to use existing ones. As an example, we have a patent pending anti-biofilm composition which can be added into or onto medical devices including wound dressings. This technology delivers antimicrobial and anti-biofilm agents to the exact site they are required.

Additional services 

5D services are not restricted to the laboratory. We believe our expertise has a wider purpose and a diverse audience.

  • Expert speakers – we can provide presentations and speakers for workshops, conferences and forum meetings
  • Scientific journal writing – with extensive experience, we can author or co-author journals, editorials or other articles as required
  • Workshops and conferences – we can organise events both at home and overseas on behalf of our clients
  • Consultancy – as well as our own expertise, we partner with a few carefully chosen consultants, experts in their fields with a great track record of delivering results

Outsourcing your innovation and R&D to the 5D Health Protection Group will:

  • Help to ensure that your business and its resources focus on the areas it is already doing best
  • Allow flexibility for your business to undertake completely new projects that have not been undertaken in the past
  • Enable your business to react more quickly to customer needs
  • Provide your business the chance to evaluate a technology’s potential without committing to high costs
  • Be a cheaper and faster method for your business to commercialise a product
  • help you business grow profits faster

For further information please contact the 5D R&D Department.


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