What We Do

What We Do

5D specialise in biofilm science, infection prevention and control, microbiology and antimicrobials.

Using our scientific and business expertise we can support and assist your company to:

  • Generate value from your products, innovations and technologies
  • Evaluate and assist with improving your products performance
  • Reduce R&D costs
  • Identify areas for new opportunities for increased revenue and profit

By partnering with 5D we can help with supporting your company’s long-term success by combining our expertise and knowledge with yours. A ‘perfect partnership’ to drive growth, success and profit.

We work with our clients in a number of different ways that have included:

  • Consultancy
  • Product development
  • Joint ventures
  • Co-development
  • Licensing opportunities
  • IP development
  • Education and training
  • Academic research
  • Collaboration on grant submission

Examples of some work we have provided for our clients have included:

  • Reviewing and auditing of technical files for medical device development
  • Design, development and delivery of improvements to existing products
  • Discovery, design, development and delivery of next generation products (from Class I to Class III medical devices)
  • Sourcing of new innovations
  • Testing antimicrobials for antibiofilm activity
  • Reviewing, designing and developing innovation pipelines
  • Designing and developing R&D strategies
  • Development of training programs
  • Designing, developing and delivery of publications for journals, conferences and marketing support

We also offer companies a reality check service. 
This service is employed by businesses when they require external objectivity. This is a useful checkpoint for a company before it formally enters into a due diligence program. 
Furthermore, our reality check service helps companies to focus key efforts on areas that represent greatest risk. This reality check is customised to client’s specific needs.

For further information please contact 5D.


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